Weidemann goes electric…for front attachments too

German manufacturer Weidemann continues to develop its eHoftrac 1160 apace. This small loading shovel is notable for being electrically-powered; it runs off batteries.

Now, in addition, it has introduced electric drive for front attachments.

To achieve this, Weidemann has partnered with Bema – to present a powered sweeper/brush unit. It’s driven electrically.

An electric cable thus replaces the hydraulic hoses, running from the machine itself to the front attachment (tool).

This cable transmits energy from the batteries to the electric motors driving the main brush and the side sweeper, as well as an electrically-actuated cylinder.

The manufacturer claims a working time (between charges) of up to three hours.

The prototype unit, presented at the recent EuroTier trade show, hints at Weidemann’s intention to further expand its line-up of electrically-powered equipment.

It should be noted that the existing eHoftrac 1160 (pictured above) has been around for a number of years.

Bigger machine

In other Weidemann news, the manufacturer unveiled a new, contractor-sized loading shovel late last year.

Weidemann’s new 9080 (pictured below), which weighs 10.7t, brings the company into a new sector of the materials handling market; this is the German manufacturer’s biggest machine to date.

It’s fitted with a 156hp, four-cylinder Deutz engine. Engine capacity is 4.038L.

Maximum lift capacity is up to 5.3t; maximum lift height is 4.26m (to the attachment pivot point). The machine stands 3.11m tall (to the top of the cab); it spans 2.39m in width (depending on wheels/tyres).

The 9080 is fitted with a new hydrostatic transmission. It can be optionally specified with a 40kph top speed. However, ‘standard’ models are slower.