‘We must all have a common goal’: Rushe calls for farmer unity

Farmers all must face a common goal of delivering sustainable income for farming families – meaning there can be no divisions among primary producers – according to incoming deputy president of the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) Brian Rushe.

Following on from his election victory earlier this week, where he was elected by the narrow margin of 34 votes, the Kildare / West Wicklow IFA county chairman commented on the need for IFA members to be united, stating:

“Like agriculture as a whole, we face many challenges in the IFA and I know the road ahead will be difficult but nothing worth fighting for came through the easy route.

“Each of our sectors face enormous challenges from CAP [Common Agricultural Policy] reform to Brexit and from the price pressure on the food we produce to increasing bureaucracy,” he added.

We must fight to stop the squeeze on farmers and the only way we can do this is by being a united, singular and determined IFA.

Pledging to work “for all farmers across the country”, the chairman said: “There can be no divisions among farmers. We all must have a common goal for delivering sustainable income for our farm families. Farm incomes are my number one, my number two and my number three priorities.”

Rushe thanked Thomas Cooney for “a gripping and enthralling campaign”.

The deputy president elect also thanked his family and team of campaigners and supporters across the country.

Finally, I am excited and rearing to get going along with the rest of the IFA leadership.

“I know, working with the next president Tim Cullinan, we can safeguard the future of this generation’s farmers as well as the next,” Rushe concluded.