‘We have to establish a tariff for the microgeneration of electricity’

A tariff for the microgeneration of electricity needs to be established in Ireland, according to energy expert Marie Donnelly.

Donnelly – who is a former director of renewables, research and innovation and energy efficiency at DG Energy of the European Commission – was speaking at the launch of a report in Dublin yesterday (Wednesday, October 3) which stated that Ireland can achieve a target of producing 70% of its electricity through renewable energy sources by 2030.

A total of eight organisations, representing the renewable energy sector in Ireland, collectively called on the Minister for Communications, Climate Change and Environment, Denis Naughten, to set the target at yesterday’s event.

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Donnelly outlined that there are a number of tools and techniques available today that allows an individual to become a part of the energy system “to their own economic benefit”.

We have to have a tariff for the microgeneration of electricity.

She explained that if a person puts PV solar panels on their roof, they should firstly use that electricity yourself.

But they should also be afforded the opportunity to put any excess electricity produced into the grid – so that other people can use it – and receive a payment for it.

“You have to get some payment for it. The first thing is to reward people for taking their own initiative to produce renewable electricity when it goes into the grid.

“The second thing is to empower people – even if they choose not to put panels, for example, on their roof or barn or whatever the case may be – to use electricity at the most appropriate time,” Donnelly added.

She also explained that the use of smart meters, along with time-of-use pricing, could empower consumers to use energy when there is high output from renewable energy sources.