Paul Crossan outlined at beef 2014 what the key technologies are that underpin profitable suckler beef production.

He stressed there is three key areas key areas including grassland management, animal performance and planning.

Maximising the amount of grass that we grow utilise efficiently is key to suckler beef profitability, according to Crossan. He said: “We need to have our soil fertility and soil management right. It’s about having a reseeding programme and using the grassland management tools in terms of variety selection and spring rotation planner. We need to have all these tools and utilise them. At a minimum we need to be walking grass weekly to make right decisions at the right time.”

In terms of optimising animal performance he said: “It is about genetics, herd heath and stockman ship all of these tied in together.”

“We need to do this in a planned way, it’s about developing a farm plan based on the farms capacity to and also what is achievable and what the best farmers are doing. We must benchmark against the very best. A plan must be put in place an reviewed regularly in line with market changes and technology changes,” he noted.

“Farmers need to pick up the key pieces of technology particularly around grassland management and breeding. That will improve profitability on their farm”