The Massey Ferguson’s square baler option (MF1840) was on display at its the manufactures unveiling of its latest equipment range in Birmingham recently.

Rarely at these events does the square baler option get much attention. However, according to Massey Ferguson’s Manager of National Sales in the UK and Ireland William Judge square balers are actually a popular investment for contractors in the UK.

Supplying the UK’s equine industry with smaller bales of hay and straw is the primary driver of sales of square balers at the moment, according to Judge and he says Massey’s option, the MF1840 is the market leader in the UK at the moment.

Judge says contractors are really happy with their machine and noted a story from one of its dealers off a contractor who made over 10,000 bales in 24 hours with the machine.

Unlike other square balers, Massey’s 1800 Series is designed to follow directly behind the tractor.

The result, according to Massey, is dense, high-quality hay – with no flimsy ‘banana-shaped bales’ that immediately fall apart when they’re picked up.

To maintain operational time in the field a larger twine box has been introduced on the machine. This means a total of 10 spools of twine to be carried.

Massey also says that to ensure consistent bale shape in all conditions and maintain uniform density the bale chamber has been extended by 18 inches.

To boost the efficiency of the knotters, an optional cleaning fan can also be added.