Ploughing, harrowing, sowing, cutting and harvesting are all part of the Irish farming year.

While silage videos did the rounds this year, Jim Kerr of Skytask has been out and about filming Irish farming practices with a drone all year round.

Kerr, who is licensed to use a drone north and south of the border, decided to do this project earlier this year.

Based in Dungannon, Kerr went and filmed in three different counties; Co. Down, Co. Armagh and Co. Tyrone.

The video starts off with drone footage of potato planting near Kilkeel in Co. Down and those potatoes are shown being harvested towards the end of the video.

Next the video cuts to Malachy Hughes’ apple blossom orchard in Co. Armagh before moving on to silage cutting.

Two tractors cut the grass for silage at Sloss farm in Carland Co. Tyrone. The video shows a number of farms silage cutting during the summer and it features Cloughbane farm in Pomeroy, Co. Tyrone.

Baling is another major part of an Irish farming summer and can be seen in the video.

Then it’s time for harvest with a combine cutting wheat with a Massey Ferguson and then straw being baled.

Ploughing and harrowing then close the video of Irish farming.

Kerr said that filming with a drone gives “a great sense of being in there doing the work and it gives a great perspective”.