Video: How not to go around a corner with a trailer of bales

This is what happens when you go around a corner too fast with a trailer load of bales.

YouTube user 66201056 uploaded this video a while back of a tractor and trailer with bales taking a corner and the consequences aren’t great.

The video was recorded by a camera on the front of a black Mercedes and shows the tractor and its load taking a corner too fast.

Next, the trailer starts to go up on two wheels as it can’t take the corner with the load. It then tips over completely, causing the trailer to lift the tractor off the ground and break the hitch.

The back of the tractor lifts over a foot off the ground and slams back down once the hitch breaks, luckily the driver is ok.

The driver then gets out of the tractor and inspects the damage.

Last year in Ireland, six people died after they were involved in an agricultural accident with machinery.

Farm vehicles and machinery account for the highest proportion of farm deaths and accidents, Health and Safety Authority (HSA) figures show.

People at risk include vehicle or machine operators and others in the vicinity.

Tractors are potentially lethal and accidents involving tractors account for a very high proportion of all farm accidents each year.


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