A tractor was engulfed in flames in an incident in Co. Tipperary last week, which saw members of Tipperary Fire and Rescue Service called in to take the matter in hand.

The incident occurred in Carrick-on-Suir, to the south of the ‘Premier County’, when the tractor in question went on fire on Thursday (March 4).

Taking to social media after the incident, on Friday (March 5), Tipperary Fire and Rescue posted a video taken by retired Carrick-on-Suir sub-officer Benny Cooney of the incident.

In the footage, two sharp gunshot-like discharges can be heard, where the tractor’s tyres explode.

While it was unfortunately too late to save the tractor, which was consumed in the flames, the firefighters quickly quenched the fire and made the area safe.

Thankfully no one was injured in the incident. A spokesperson for Tipperary Fire Service confirmed to AgriLand that five firefighters initially tackled the blaze, while four more later joined the operation. Gardaí and ESB teams also attended the scene.

While the crew was able to put out the flames using foam relatively quickly, the operation lasted approximately three hours with measures taken to avoid diesel run-off and other environmental actions.

The Tipperary Fire and Rescue Facebook page included a short comment with its video, which stated:

Our Carrick-on-Suir crews were mobilised to this tractor fire yesterday in the local area.

“The two explosions were caused by tyres erupting. Great job by the crews,” the social media page added.

This follows the news that a tractor driver was hospitalised after being involved in a collision with a car in Co. Wicklow last week.