The Dutch-owned Verder Group has acquired in its entirety the UK-based Fullwood Packo Group, the milking systems specialists.

The Verder Group specialise in the manufacture and distribution of industrial products while the Fullwood Packo Group, specialise in milking machines, milk cooling and specialist products for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

This acquisition will strengthen the Group’s position in the hygienic and food processing applications and industrial pump sectors, it says.

At the same time, it says it creates an exciting strategic opportunity for Verder’s investment arm ‘Pindustry’ to enter the milking systems business with Fullwood’s technological capabilities and strong position in the European market.

With this new acquisition the Group will employ almost 1,500 people to serve its customers worldwide.

Andries Verder, CEO Verder International, says that the Group is very excited to be adding Fullwood Packo to the Verder group of companies.

“We feel we can support the Fullwood and Packo companies to grow and continue to succeed over the coming years,” he said.

Founded in 1785, the Fullwood Packo Group developed over the years from merchant trader to producer of milking systems, milk cooling tanks, production of high quality products for the food and pharmaceutical industries and surface treatment of stainless steel, nowadays being an international industry leader.

The Verder Group was founded by André Verder in 1959 and is now fully owned and managed by his son Andries Verder.

The Group is active with own sales offices in 24 countries and has two divisions: Verder Liquids (industrial pumps) and Verder Scientific (laboratory equipment).

Investment company Pindustry is closely related to the Verder Group and invests in Benelux, UK and Germany based companies that develop innovative industrial products, the Group says.

The Group says that the compatible product portfolios of the companies along with the similarities in family ownership and culture make this an ideal cooperation for the future.