Mart managers in the West are reporting increased cattle numbers as a result of worsening ground and grass growing conditions.

This has has a negative impact on the plainer cattle trade, they say. There were 500 cattle on offer in Elphin on Monday evening and strong prices were achieved for weaning bulls and heifers.

“The trade wasn’t going to bad, but plainer lots are back a little,” said the Mart Manager.

The un-August like weather has been cited for the increased cattle numbers reported Gerry Connellan, Mart Manager.

“The poor weather in the west is bringing out cattle here at the moment, it is pure winter weather we are dealing with,” he said.

There was a strong trade for weaning bulls with the hammer falling on lots at €2.82-3.14/kg for lots weighing 400-450kg while their lighter counterparts sold for €2.49-3.00/kg.

The weaning heifers also met with strong demand and sold for €2.65-3.25/kg he said.

He added that there was also firm demand for cull cows which sold for €1.76-2.21/kg.

There were increased numbers of cattle on offer at Roscommon Mart on Friday.

Prices are holding well with the trade for dry cows and heifers slightly improved on the previous week reported Maura Quigley, Mart Manager.

“There was a good demand and a high clearance of lots particularly for heifers and dry cows,” she said.

She also said that there was a good trade for quality type steers, but lesser quality lots were a little easier.

Heifers sold from €435-845 over or €2.45-3/kg, steers sold for €540-1,143 over or €2.15-2.84/kg

Dry cows made from €1,100-€1,835/head while the hammer fell on the springers for €1,400-1,650/head.

There were 650 cattle on offer in Carnew on Saturday reported Mart Manager David Quinn.

He said there was a very strong trade for all classes with the trade being similar to last week.

Beef and forward steers sold from €750-1,150 over, he said, while the store steers sold from €550-950 over. While the dairy type lots made €250-750 over.

There was also a good trade for weaning bulls with the hammer falling on lots at €450-1,020 over.

Beef heifers sold for €600-1,050 over in the Wicklow venue while the lighter store types made €450-850 over, he said.

He also said there was also a small selection of cows and calves on offer and these sold from €1,200-1,450.

Kilmallock Mart had 1,470 cattle on offer on Monday. It reported a good trade for quality lots but the price for plainer lots has slipped.

“There was a good trade but plainer cattle have slipped back a bit,” said Denis Kirby.

Store steers sold for €2.44-2.85/kg while the heavier forward lots sold from €2.00-2.21/kg he said.

He also said that the trade for heifers remained strong with lots selling from €2.41-2.60/kg for the store type heifers while the heavier forward type lots sold for €2.05-2.30/kg.

He added that cull cows at the Limerick venue sold for €1.68-1.97/kg.

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