Despite a slow first quarter, the total value of EU agri-food trade for January to June of 2021 amounted to €157.1 billion.

This reflects a 3% increase on the same period in 2020.

Exports rose by almost 6% to €95.3 billion, while imports fell by 1% to €61.8 billion, giving a total agri-food trade surplus of €33.5 billion for the first half of the year.

For January to June of this year, the value of exports to the UK fell more than exports to any other country, down €446 million or 2% compared to the first half of 2020.

Similarly, the overall decline in agri-food imports to the EU was largely driven by the reduction in imports from the UK, down by €2 billion or 30% on the same period last year.

Exports to the US grew by €1.65 billion, largely driven by wine, spirits and liqueurs, as well as preparations of vegetables.

Exports to China rose by €627 million, with the strong performance of EU pig meat and coarse grains making a considerable contribution to this figure.

Large decreases were reported for exports of wheat (down €1.3 billion) and infant food (down €566 million), with smaller but significant drops in value also recorded for vegetables (€177 million), butter (€161 million), and milk powders and whey (€100 million).

The most notable increases in the value of imports were seen in oilcakes (up €877 million), soya beans (€739 million), fatty acids and waxes (€216 million), cut flowers and plants (up €106 million), and palm and kernel oil (€68 million).