US farmer Derek Klingenberg has become a YouTube sensation following his recent exploits with a trombone and his herd of cattle.

Klingenberg, has amassed over 8.2m views on the video sharing site since he posted this video several months ago.

In the video he covers Lorde’s ‘Royals’ on his trombone.

Speaking to NBC News the Kansas farmer said “every body thinks I’m crazy, I’d be nervous if they didn’t think that.

“Then I got the idea to play for my cows because who else am I going to play for?” Klingenberg said.

This is not the first video that the Kansas farmer has posted on YouTube.

He also has videos relating to popular songs. ‘Do you want to drive my tractor?’, a Frozen parody, has almost 800,000 views.

‘Ranching Awesome’, is a parody of the hit song Thrift Shop and has almost 1.2m views on YouTube.

Most recently, Kilngenberg celebrated Valentine’s Day with his cattle.

Using his feed truck he drives around a field and spreads the feed in the shape of a heart.

He has also previously created a ‘smiley face’ using just his cattle and his feed truck.

Using a drone, he filmed the cattle eating the feed and creating the shapes.

Watch the videos below; it makes for ‘amoosing’ viewing.