The week ahead looks to be unsettled with outbreaks of rain and sunny spells at times, Met Eireann says.

Winds this evening (Tuesday) will ease steadily through the evening and it will be a mainly dry night with isolated showers in the west and northwest, Met Eireann says.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be mainly dry with sunny spells and just isolated showers. Winds will be light westerly and temperatures will reach 15 to 17 degrees, it says.

Wednesday night will be a mainly dry night with light variable breezes, Met Eireann says.

Temperatures will be between 6 and 8 degrees on Wednesday night, it says.

Looking to Thursday, Met Eireann says there will be a good deal of dry weather for Thursday but a band of rain will push up against Atlantic coasts which could be heavy there for a time, it says.

The rain will break up as the day goes on and most other parts of the country will be dry with some sunshine, it says.

Temperatures will range between 15 and 17 degrees generally and it will be possibly warmer in the southeast and cooler along the Atlantic coast in the rain, Met Eireann says.

Winds on Thursday will be mainly light and from a southerly direction, it says.

Friday will see further spells of rain for a time in the west but otherwise it will be a day of sunny spells and scattered showers, Met Eireann says.

Winds will be light southeasterly becoming light to moderate from a southwest direction and temperatures should be around normal for the time of year, and warmest in the southeast, it says.

Looking to the weekend, Met Eireann says that Saturday looks to be a little cooler with sunshine and showers again in a freshening southwest flow.

The further outlook still contains a good deal of uncertainty, but early indications suggest that it will become milder, with a good amount of dry weather, it says.