Ukraine has decided to ban the export of several types of grain and other foodstuffs as the Russian invasion intensifies.

This morning (Wednesday, March 9), a cabinet resolution was approved by the Ukrainian government which bans the export of rye; barley; buckwheat; millet; sugar; salt; and meat.

The ban is expected to remain in place until the end of this year. Ukraine is one of the world’s largest grain exporters.

The country has already introduced measures to limit the export of wheat, corn, sunflower oil, poultry and eggs due to food security concerns as the war continues.

There are reports that some parts of Ukraine are running out of basic supplies.

Hungary has also banned the export of grain due to rising market prices as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This morning, European Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski is chairing the first meeting of an expert group under the European Food Security mechanism.

It was established last November as part of the EU’s contingency plan for ensuring food supply.

“When we created this mechanism, nobody anticipated how immediate and important it would be. The dramatic situation unfolding in Ukraine has severe impact global food security.

“With strong coordination and cooperation, EU food security can prevail,” Wojciechowski said on Twitter.

The expert group is tasked with coordinating a common EU response to the current crisis and ensure the food chain is ready for future challenges.

Irish response to Ukraine fallout

Last night, the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine announced the establishment of a National Fodder and Food Security Committee.

The announcement followed a meeting between Charlie McConalogue, seven farming organisations and Teagasc.

The focus of the meeting was the impact on Irish agriculture and supply chains “following the illegal invasion of Ukraine”.

This group will examine ways to lessen the impact of the conflict on Irish farms in the short to medium term. It will meet for the first time this Friday (March 11).