UK animal sanctuary confirms it’s awaiting Irish dairy herd

The founder of a UK animal rescue sanctuary has confirmed to AgriLand that an Irish farmer is preparing to send their dairy herd of 70 cows to the sanctuary.

Wendy Valentine, founder of Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norwich, said that the farmer is retiring and didn’t want their last herd to go for slaughter. “This farmer said their prayers were answered. Hopefully some of the herd will come this year, and the remainder next year.

“In June, we took a herd of 60 cows from a vegetarian farmer,” said Valentine.

Musician Sharon Shannon, on her Facebook page, has told of meeting what she describes as “a truly amazing, humble and inspirational human being” who wishes to remain anonymous, who is sending a dairy herd of 70, to Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

“The noble and admirable decision to send these beautiful animals to a sanctuary, instead of sending them for slaughter or selling them to another farmer where it would be inevitable that they would eventually go to slaughter, or worse again the possibility of them becoming victims of live export, is an awakening example of how kindness and compassion, and a tender heart, has won out in a world full of greed.”

Shannon urged people to support the GoFundMe campaign that has been set up to help cover the costs associated with sending the dairy herd, owned by a farmer in the south, to the UK.

The page said a farmer in the south of Ireland had asked Charlie’s Equine Rescue for assistance in saving a herd from slaughter. “This is a working dairy herd of 70 cows who have all bonded over the years in their own unique ways.

After years of service, and providing an income, this farmer feels they deserve a life where they can continue to lie as a herd together.

The page said that with a home secured for the herd of 70 at the sanctuary, the next obstacle is to secure funds for transport and necessary vet checks. Assistance was sought for Charlie’s Equine Rescue in bringing the herd to Norwich.

In an update, it was stated that the farmer has names for all the animals, which had individual personalities.

Valentine said that she had been told that if any money is left over from the transport and vet check expenses, it will go towards the upkeep of the herd in Norwich.