Today is your last chance submit your Basic Payment Scheme application

The deadline for applications to the Basic Payment Scheme is midnight on Monday, May 16.

Over 120,000 farmers are eligible to apply to the Basic Payment Scheme through which over a €1 billion in EU funding is paid to farmers.

The Department of Agriculture is encouraging farmers to apply online this year. It says farmers should note that higher rates of online applications lead to increased efficiency in the processing of applications and the subsequent issuing of payments.

Farmers may submit their application using the on-line facility themselves or through an authorised agent via

For further information and assistance please contact the on-line application lo-call Helpdesk at 0761 064424.

Department Services

Given the importance of the May 16 deadline, the Department has put in place a number of additional supports for farmers and agents as follows:

To assist farmers applying online, one to one assistance is available for any farmer who wishes to obtain guidance in applying for their BPS online. Department staff will be available to offer this service to farmers at the Department’s office at Government Buildings in Portlaoise from Wednesday 4 May.
A dedicated telephone helpdesk is also available during normal office hours to assist farmers applying on line. The helpdesk can be contacted at 0761 064424.

In addition, this helpdesk will also be available to farmers applying online from Monday 9 May to Friday 13 May until 9 pm each night and on both Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May.

The Department’s office at Government Buildings in Portlaoise will be open for extended hours as the deadline approaches. From Monday 9 May to Friday 13 May the Portlaoise office will be open until 9 pm each night. The Portlaoise office will also be open from 9 am to 5pm on Saturday 14 May and Sunday 15 May.

Finally, the Portlaoise office will be open until midnight on the application deadline of Monday 16 May. These extended hours will facilitate the acceptance of paper applications and the extended provision of one to one assistance for farmers applying online.