Tillage farmers left out in the cold in TAMS II

Little support has been provided for tillage farmers under the Young Farmers Capital Investment Scheme.

While other sectors can avail of significant grants for a host of different infrastructural projects, tillage farmers have voiced there disappointment with little in the way of sector specific eligible items in there field.

According to IFA Grain Chairman Liam Dunne it is vital that targeted funding is made available to arable crop farmers for investment in critical infrastructure and technology as the combined value of the tillage and horticultural sector is in excess of €700m.

He said there is considerable scope for expansion in the sector.

However, he said this will depend on increased productivity while reducing input and crop establishment costs in an effort to improve growers’ margins. See also: A full list of everything eligible for new young farmer grants

The Young Farmers Capital Investment Scheme was launched on May 14 with in the region of 4,000 applications from farmers set to be accepted.

 Areas covered

The specific areas of investment will include:

  • Animal housing
  • Slurry storage
  • Dairy equipment
  • Specialised slurry spreading equipment,
  • Animal welfare and farm safety,
  • Specialised pig & poultry investments.

In addition, young farmers will be able to avail of grant-aid for construction of new dairy buildings.

According to the Department of Agriculture a budget of €120m has been made available to the Scheme over the full RDP period which will enable 4,000 applications at an average of €30,000 per grant.

The closing date for applications under the first tranche of the Scheme is August 28 2015.