A television broadcaster and radio show presenter received a nasty surprise recently when a number of cattle broke into his garden, causing chaos by setting off alarms and banging on doors.

Stephen Nolan, who also presents The Stephen Nolan Show on BBC Radio Ulster, recently gave a humorous account of the bovine break-in, jokingly describing it as a “daring dawn raid” on his show Nolan Live on BBC last night.

The broadcaster also took to social media, putting out a tweet on the matter yesterday morning, Wednesday, May 29.

In the tweet he said: “I thought I was getting raided by the British army.

“I woke up to the sound of heavy footsteps and banging on my door. Cows broke into my site. Set off alarms, which sent call to security team. Total mayhem. Dirty brutes. I’m furious,” he said.

As can be seen in the short video clip, the presenter was apparently woken by the animals crowding around his house. Nolan made an effort to chase them away and was later helped by the farmer owner who “came and got the cows out quite quickly”.

He noted the incident was reminiscent of a previous experience he had of cleaning cattle sheds on camera, a memory he apparently has no great fondness for, as can be seen above.

The incident has proved to be a hit online, with the original tweet stacking up almost 84,000 views, and a number of social media users poking fun at the situation with plenty of the usual bovine puns such as: “This is a very mooving story”; “I think you’re milking this a little bit”; and “They must have herd you on the radio”.

One final tweet advised Nolan to “beef up” his security…