Tesco UK, one of the largest buyers of Irish beef, has announced its intentions to increase sales of plant-based meat alternatives by 300% by 2025 as part of a shake-up in its plans over the next five years.

The plans are “to make Tesco the easiest place for customers to shop for affordable, healthy, sustainable food”, the retail giant says.

The plans contain three sections.

Together with Tesco’s “existing ambition to increase sales of plant-based food”, the supermarket’s 2025 “commitments on health” are:
  1. An “increase in sales of healthy products”, as a proportion of total sales, to 65% by 2025, as defined by the UK government’s nutrient profiling model;
  2. To “increase sales of plant-based meat alternatives by 300% by 2025” in line with Tesco’s ambition to “put affordable, healthy and sustainable food within reach of everyone”;
  3. To “make products healthier through reformulation”. This includes plans to increase the percentage of ready meals that contain at least one of the recommended five a day to 66% by 2025.

The supermarket behemoth added that it will “work to ensure we have even more plant-based alternatives, alongside meat options”.

Turning to these shores, Tesco Ireland remained tight-lipped as to whether it would be following suit from its parent firm when asked by AgriLand.

However, a spokesperson said: “At Tesco Ireland we continue to be a major supporter of Irish agri-food with all of our fresh beef, chicken, lamb, pork and eggs coming from Irish, Bord Bia approved, farms.

“We are proud to support 13,000 Irish farming families who help us provide our customers with quality meat and produce.

“We continue to provide a variety of choice on both animal and plant based options to our customers.“