This weekend is forecast to be mostly dry as temperatures are set to fall to -4 degrees, with severe frost also expected, according to Met Eireann.

Today, Friday, is set to be affected by a number of scattered showers, occurring more frequently across Connacht, Ulster and west-Munster.

It is expected to be a cold but bright day, as temperatures range between 4 to 8 degrees in blustery westerly winds.

Tonight is set to be cold with widespread frost, as showers will become mainly confined to coastal regions of the west and north.

Some of these showers will turn wintry, but clear skies are expected develop in many other areas.

Although there will be some sunshine over the coming days, drying conditions will be poor at times due a mixture of showers and cold frosty conditions.

Meanwhile, there may be some opportunities for spraying at the weekend when winds ease away from coasts, Met Eireann has said.

Field conditions remain trafficable on well-drained soils at the moment, but many poorly and moderately drained soils are saturated, with soils waterlogged in some poorly drained areas.


This period of cold weather is set to continue over the weekend, as both Saturday and Sunday are also forecast to be mainly dry with sunny spells and light winds.

Most of the shower activity over the weekend is expected to affect coastal regions of the west and north.

Temperatures are set to fall overnight with widespread severe frost forecast on both Saturday and Sunday night.

According to the forecast, daytime temperatures will drop to between 4 to 7 degrees, while these are expected to fall to as low as -4 degrees overnight. 

After the weekend it is set to stay cold with widespread frost continuing at night and low temperatures by day.

Early indications for the beginning of next week suggest that it will be mainly dry and bright with just a few coastal showers.