Telehandler seized by Gardaí ‘with proceedings to follow’

A telescopic handler (telehandler) has been seized by members of An Garda Síochána in Co. Louth, Gardaí have confirmed.

The telehandler was stopped by members of Dundalk Roads Policing Unit on the M1 motorway, travelling at the relative snail’s pace of 30kph.

Upon being pulled over off the motorway, Gardaí noted that the vehicle had never been taxed.

It was subsequently seized with Gardaí noting that court proceedings will follow.

Taking to Twitter this morning (Friday, October 30), Gardaí said:

“Dundalk Roads Policing Unit came across this vehicle travelling at 30kph on the M1. Gardaí intercepted the vehicle, where it was found that it had never been taxed.

“The vehicle was seized and proceeding are to follow,” the tweet added.

Travelling on motorways

Driving in a tractor or work vehicle is not illegal in the Republic of Ireland but it must be able to reach a certain speed. According to the Road Safety Authority (RSA) you can drive on the motorway if your vehicle can travel at at least 50kph.

However, if you’re towing a trailer you must drive at the right speed and the maximum legal speed limit for a vehicle towing a trailer is 80kph.

It advises to ensure your load is evenly distributed to reduce the chance of the trailer swaying, especially in high winds or when large vehicles overtake you.

Furthermore, you’re not allowed use the outside lane of the motorway if you’re towing a trailer or a horsebox.