Tanco ‘tantalises’ with latest tech at the ‘show’

Bale wrappers, as well as handling and feeding equipment, is being showcased by Tanco Autowrap at this week’s Farm Tractor & Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA) Farm Machinery Show.

Featuring on the stand, following its 2018 season launch, will be Tanco’s latest version of the 1400-series trailed round bale wrapper – the 1400-V.

According to Tanco, the 1400-V is designed and built to the “same strengths as the 1400-EH”.

The split-table of the 1400, designed to allow simultaneous wrapped-bale unloading and next-bale reloading, is retained on the 1400-V, but with the addition of auto-loading.

The 1400-V shares familiar features with S-series linkage/loader wrappers, such as Tanco’s telescopic cut and start, direct-gear drive to the satellite arms and a variable, proportional hydraulic system.

The A100-EH trailed turntable wrapper is also on display at the show.

Tanco claims that, with its 31X15.5-15 tyres, the A100-EH can “travel well on wet ground”. Its ‘Autoload’ function, introduced for the 2018 season, and capability to unload on the move are also “key selling points”.

The Autoload feature allows a second bale to be picked up and lifted clear of the ground, while the first bale is still being wrapped.

When the first bale is wrapped and unloaded, either in automatic or manual mode, the loading arm finishes its cycle – loading the second bale onto the turntable. It then lowers again – ready to reload the next.

Also on display at Tanco’s stand is the A200 wrapper; it’s a three-point linkage mounted static version of the A100-EH. It offers “ease of access into narrow gateways and farmyards”.

A rubber mat protects applied plastic/film from stones or debris lying on the ground.

The A200 is remote controlled. It uses a radio frequency system with a 50m range. This remote control facility can also be fitted to the 1400-V and A100-EH as an optional extra.

Meanwhile, for bale and pit silage feeding, Tanco is showcasing its I-73 Bale Shear.

This implement, says the manufacturer, is designed for cutting bales while keeping hold of the bale wrap and net.

In addition, the I-75 Multi Shear (also for feeding pit silage and bales) is on display.