Quad-X has designed a new electric drop stock feeder, which incorporates many market leading features, including:

  • Highest ground clearance on the market, ideal for rough travelling conditions;
  • Low fill height for easy filling and greater stability;
  • Most sophisticated controller on the market with drop counter and variable distance;
  • Simply set the number of drops needed and it will count down to zero leaving the rider free to concentrate on driving; and,
  • The controller will alert the driver if there is a fault to avoid wastage.

The Quad-X Stock Feeder is available in a manual or electric drop version, with a 380L or larger 500kg capacity allowing you to feed your entire stock in just one fill, saving you valuable time.

With the sheep feed being evenly distributed in spaced out piles, stock will stand head to head and so there is less trampling and fouling by sheep in the feed meaning less meal is wasted, saving valuable money.

According to the company, when used to feed sheep in lamb, the Quad-X Stock Feeder helps to save foetal loss in ewes as it does away with crowding and shoving at the trough and ensures all animals get a fair chance to feed.

The Quad-X Stock Feeder can be easily attached to any ATV, UTV, jeep or towing vehicle making it ideal for any farmer. When it is attached to any ATV it can be operated and the flow rate controlled from the comfort of your seat.

The Quad-X Stock Feeder comes with flotation tyres as standard making it ideal for use on most ground conditions. The hopper is galvanised to ensure durability and long life.