A supervisory board has been established to oversee the business of the wider Goodman family companies, comprising both ABP Food Group and Parma.

In a statement to Agriland, the group said that the new board has been set up in order to evolve the governance and strategic leadership of the family businesses for the longer term.

“The role and purpose of the supervisory board is to provide oversight and strategic direction to the boards of both ABP Food Group and Parma, in accordance with the Goodman family’s vision and objectives,” the statement outlined.

Goodman companies

Parma is the family office of the Goodman family, managing interests in property, investments and healthcare.

The ABP and Parma businesses have a combined turnover in excess of €4.5 billion and employ 15,000 people across nine countries.

ABP Food Group is the largest meat processor in the country. Earlier this year, the European Commission approved the acquisition by ABP of sole control over Slaney Foods International and Linden Foods Ltd. of Northern Ireland.

Larry Goodman, who is in his 80s, has become chairman of the supervisory board whose membership includes his son Laurence and in line with the changes, he has stepped down from the board of ABP Food Group.

The other members of the supervisory board are Nigel Boardman, Danny Kitchen, Sean Mooney and Eric Wallace.

Laurence Goodman will join the board of ABP Food Group, where he has prior experience at both plant and divisional level.

The group has said that Laurence also has a deep knowledge of the Parma business where he previously worked. He is the founder of, and manages, his own independent property development company operating in Ireland and the UK.

Larry’s other son, Mark Goodman, has stepped down from the Board of ABP Food Group. Over recent months Mark has established Bellingham Capital to pursue his own business interests.

The board said: “We would like to wish Mark Goodman every success with his new venture and thank him sincerely for his contribution to the board.”