A change in the weather will be seen this weekend as the warm, dry week will give way to a mix of scattered showers and sunny spells.

According to Met Éireann, today, Friday, May 17, will see a little hazy sunshine, but it will generally be cloudy.

Rain will return along the south-west coast this morning, with some showers making their way up along the east coast also.

However, these will become more widespread this afternoon, with some heavy in Atlantic coastal counties, with a risk of thunder.

Top temperatures will range from 14° to 18° and will be highest in the mid-west and west, with light to moderate northeast breezes, according to the national forecaster.

Spraying conditions will deteriorate as a result of the more changeable conditions over the weekend.

Showers will become confined to Atlantic coastal districts overnight, and lowest temperatures will range from 5° to 9° in light to moderate north-west breezes.


Tomorrow, Saturday, will see a mix of bright, sunny spells and cloudy periods also. There will be a risk of scattered showers, with some some heavy, and a slight risk of thunder.

Highest temperatures on Saturday will range from 13° to 17°. Winds will be light to moderate and fresh on parts of the Atlantic seaboard.

Showers on Saturday evening will die out gradually after dark, so that much of Saturday night should be dry, with some clear spells developing. Lowest temperatures will range from 6° to 9° in light north-westerly breezes.


We will see a bright day on Sunday with sunny spells and occasional showers, some heavy in the afternoon. Top temperatures will hit 13° to 17°.

Sunday night will be mostly dry, with clear spells and any evening showers soon dying out. It will be a cool night with lowest temperatures of 4° to 7° in light north-westerly breezes.


Finally, Monday is likely to be mostly dry and bright, with sunny spells in most places. Some scattered showers will be seen, mainly over Ulster, but most places will remain dry. Top temperatures will range from 13° to 17°.