COMMENT: Proprietor Alan Strain, left, had good news for Ian Graham of MSD Animal Health when he called at Farmline Agricultural Supplies near Kinallen, Co Down.

“Zanil is simply zooming off our shelves since this flukicide drench was re-introduced by MSD Animal Health two months ago as a treatment for chronic liver fluke in cattle and sheep.

“We have been in this business for two generations serving farmers across Co Down and into adjacent districts of Armagh, Antrim and even Tyrone,” explained Strain.“And the response of our customers to Zanil becoming available again has been truly remarkable. It is highly effective against adult fluke and, significantly for dairy farmers, is licensed for use in pregnant and lactating animals with only a 72-hour milk withholding period.”

Commenting on the success of Zanil MSD Animal Health veterinary specialist Fergal Morris said problems due to liver fluke have been made much worse by several wet, mild summers and autumns in recent years.

“As every farmer knows chronic liver fluke causes serious economic losses, including poorer fertility and yields in dairy cows. Zanil is unique as a flukicide-only treatment licensed for use in lactation and in the dry period for the treatment of adult fluke in dairy cows.

“An added attraction is that there is no known resistance to oxyclozanide, the active ingredient in Zanil.”

Pictured Farmline Agricultural Supplies owner Alan Strain and  Ian Graham of MSD Animal Health