Strong demand for lamb ‘with agents told to leave nothing behind’

Lamb trade remains solid with tight supplies of spring lamb and strong demand driven by the end of Ramadan and additional retail demand, according to the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA).

IFA National Sheep Committee chairman Sean Dennehy commented, noting that factories are actively looking for lambs and paying €6.20 to €6.30/kg.

Many of the retail customers are now making the full switch over to spring lamb. Last week’s kill was divided 60%/40% in favour of spring lambs, he added.

Supplies remain tight with agents told to leave nothing behind, reflecting the strong demand for Ramadan.

Hogget numbers have also tightened with prices at €5.60/5.70/kg for quality stock.

Last week’s sales at the factories totalled 42,475, made up of 14,561 hoggets; 21,112 spring lambs; and 6,798 ewes.

Disposals to date this year are up 49,748 on last year, with hoggets up 69,897 and ewe numbers down 19,969, the chairman concluded.

Sheep Welfare Scheme balancing payments commence

The commencement of balancing payments under year three of the Sheep Welfare Scheme has been announced by Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Michael Creed.

In a statement on Friday, May 15, Minister Creed stated: “I am happy to confirm that the issuing of the 15% balancing payments under the Sheep Welfare Scheme has now commenced.

This payment amounts to €1.82 million, and is a welcome financial support at this time when farmers are facing challenging circumstances.

The commencement of the balancing payments brings the total paid under year three of the Sheep Welfare Scheme to €16 million to some 18,500 farmers.