Straw price: Rain and poor yields…prices not settled

Straw price is still hard to get a handle on, but one thing that is clear is that yields are back dramatically and while reports were of 50% declines it now looks like yields are back by more in many areas.

Rain is also hampering work, lowering yield and driving up the cost of making bales where straw needs to be turned.

As only a small amount of the cereal area has been cut so far the straw shortage is yet to become clear to buyers and, as a result, prices are hard to come by as many are selling to trusted clients who will pay later in the season when a price is settled.

AgriLand is hearing reports for 4X4 bales of barley straw from €15/bale up to €25/bale.

The lower end of the scale of the scale is falling to regular customers who are drawing out of the field themselves.

€16-20/bale was reported in parts of the south, while in the south-east, AgriLand received quotes of €15/bale for 4X4s; €17/bale for 8X3X2 bales; and €30-32/bale for 8X4X3s.

€20/bale (4X4) is being quoted in some parts with delivery on top of this price, while €25/bale (4X4) was the highest price that AgriLand came across for a round 4X4 bale.

The spring barley harvest is set to start in some areas in a week or so and straw yields from these crops will bring more clarity to the supply situation.