The announcement that the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH) is open for applications from today, Tuesday, June 4, has been hailed as the “kick-start” the industry needs by the Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA).

Speaking following the announcement of phase two of the scheme by Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton, IrBEA CEO Seán Finan said:

“After many years of waiting and lobbying, we welcome the announcement of the opening of the SSRH scheme for biomass and anaerobic digestion heat systems.

“The biomass heating sector is currently in a state of stagnation and has waited many years for this scheme to open.

This scheme is the kick-start that this industry requires to mobilise the renewable heat sector in Ireland.

Noting that his organisation is currently reviewing the full terms and conditions of the scheme released this morning, Finan continued:

“I strongly encourage non-domestic heat users, including farmers, to consider applying for this scheme and install a biomass heating system through the SSRH which will deliver long-term environmental and economic benefits,” he added.

The SSRH scheme will only be successful in assisting with reaching Irish renewable heat targets if a significant budget is ring-fenced for the scheme, according to the IrBEA.

Finan said: “Minister Bruton and his department need to ensure that a significant budget is set aside for this scheme in future years to ensure that the scheme reaches the significant potential which exists to change non-domestic heat users from fossil fuel based heating sources to renewable biomass sources.

“In IrBEA, we continue to promote best practice in the biomass heating sector by the use of quality certified wood fuel through our Wood Fuel Quality Assurance Scheme (WFQA) and best practice by biomass heating system designers and installers through our register of designers and installers,” the CEO concluded.