On Tuesday evening (April 6) Ballybay Livestock Mart held its weekly sale of sheep.

According to the mart’s manager, Adrian Grimes, the sale was slightly smaller than usual, with 536 sheep sold on the night.

He said that heavy hoggets and spring lambs were in strong demand, with prices for both breaching the €180/head mark on the night.

Spring lambs

The spring lambs that were on offer on Tuesday at Ballybay, made up to a top price of €185/head for 45kg.

Sample spring lamb prices:

  • 45kg sold for €185/head or €4.11/kg;
  • 45kg sold for €185/head or €4.06/kg;
  • 47kg sold for €182/head or €3.87/kg;
  • 44kg sold for €178/head or €4.04/kg.


Adrian added that the hogget trade was up on the previous week, with prices topping €182/head for 50kg.

The top-quality, 50kg plus hoggets generally sold in excess of €170/head up to €177/head.

Sample hogget prices:

  • 50kg sold for €182/head or €3.64/kg;
  • 51kg sold for €179/head or €3.50/kg;
  • 53kg sold for €173/head or €3.26/kg;
  • 48kg sold for €176/head or €3.66/kg;
  • 45kg sold for €162/head or €3.60/kg;
  • 42kg sold for €164/head or €3.90/kg.

A brisk trade was seen for heavy ewes at Ballybay on Tuesday, with a top price of €172 seen for a 100kg ewe.

Cull ewes

The general run of prices for those heavy, fleshed, 90kg plus ewes were from €150/head up to €170/head.

Sample ewe prices:

  • 100kg sold for €172 or €1.72/kg;
  • 95kg sold for €156 or €1.64/kg;
  • 90kg sold for €166 or €1.84/kg;
  • 90kg sold for €162 or €1.80/kg.

The Monaghan-based mart’s spring lamb and hogget show and sale is taking place next Tuesday evening, with judging taking place at 5:45pm, and the sale kicking off shortly afterwards at 6:30pm.