Wintry showers will bring snow accumulations of up to 3 cm at lower levels during Wednesday and through Thursday, with all areas at risk according to Met Eireann’s Yellow Snow-ice Warning.

It says showers will be most frequent in the west and north and over hills and mountains with higher accumulations expected there.

According to Met Eireann tomorrow, Wednesday, will be a bitterly cold, windy day, with wintry showers becoming widespread across the country.

It says sleet and snow showers will affect many areas, leading to some accumulations of snow, especially in western and northern areas and on high ground generally. Top temperatures just 2 to 5 C., at best and in westerly winds it will feel colder.

The wintry showers will continue on Wednesday night, according to Met Eireann becoming widespread overnight in the moderate to fresh westerly wind.

It also says that temperatures overnight will be well below freezing with frost and ice making hazardous driving conditions.

The showers will be most frequently of snow overnight, bringing accumulations of several centimetres in many areas, particularly in the west and in the north.

In its latest forecast Met Eireann says there’ll be further wintry showers on Thursday, again frequently of snow.

It says the showers will be most frequent over the hills and mountains of the west and north but all areas are at risk as they will be carried on the moderate to fresh westerly wind, which will veer northwest later.

Temperatures will be only around 3 or 4 degrees in the afternoon on Thursday with a wind chill factor added in, Met Eireann says.