Snapshot of the mart trade


Castlerea reported 650 cattle on offer at its latest sale. It says there was evidence of increased numbers of customers in attendance trying to source feeding stock. In its mart report Castlerea highlighted that bullocks and weanling bulls noticed the biggest improvement in trade while the heifers, heifer weanlings and breeding stock also reported a frim trade.

Sample prices included:

Bullocks: Lim 490kgs €1310 Ch 432kgs €1195 Ch 545kgs €1305 BBx 565kgs €1385 Lim 610kgs €1375 Ch 680kgs €1550

Heifers: Ch 395kgs €1090 Lim 410kgs €1075 Lim 470kgs €1135 Ch 480kgs €1135 AA 470kgs €1100 AA 460kgs €1405 Lim 540kgs €1400

Dry Cows: Sim 855kgs €1515 Lim 700kgs €1335 BBx 730kgs €1260 Fr 460kgs €720 Ch 865kgs €1460

Cows with calves at foot made from €1300 to €1810 for a 5 year old Lim cow with her Limousin Bull calf at foot. Springer cows made for €830 to €1500 per head

Castlerea reported bigger numbers coming out this week, with good demand. Prices similar to last week, depending on quality.

Sample prices: BB bull €452 Lim hfr €382 AA hfr €262 BB bull €372 Fr bull €60 Jer bull €12

Weanling bulls: Ch 260kgs €800 Ch 290kgs €810 BB 365kgs €1065 Ch 280kgs €780 Ch 355kgs €1035

Weanling heifers: Ch 280kgs €765 Lim 270kgs €690 BBx 350kgs €935 AA 340kgs €895 Ch 300kgs €860


Carnew mart reported 600 cattle and 100 calves on offer at its most recent sale. It noted a very strong trade with more farmer customers around the ring. On the day store prices are up by €20-€30 per head. Beef and Forward Bullocks made €550 – €850 over the weight. Store Bullocks made €300 – €810 over the weight. Weanling Bulls made €420 – €750 over the weight.

On the heifer side Carnew reported that Beef Heifers made €470 – €860 over the weight. Store Heifers made €350 – €770 over the weight.

Dry Cows made €150 – €740 over the weight. In calf suckler cows made €800 – €120 over the weight.

Strong trade was reported in Carnew for all calves, with prices up by €20. Fr Bulls made €55 – €170. Continental Bulls made €220 -€460 and Continental Heifers made €170 – €410.


In Balla’s most recent sale over 900 lots were on offer. It reported there were some good prices paid and all stock maintained their prices due to the presence of more buyers around the ring and store bullocks were up €20 to €30 on last week.

Balla highlighted that store bullocks around the 350+kg were a good trade. In particular one 375kg store made €1150 that’s €3.07/kg. In terms of heifers one weighing 545kg made €1485 which is €940 with its weight.

Balla reported heavier bullocks were dearer than week and were making from €500 to €900 or €1.43 to €2.65/kg. One top quality 665kg bullock made €1560 that’s €895 with its weight, Lighter plainer types were making around €400 to €750 with their weights or €1.57 to €2.79/kg.

It also said light heifers under 400kg were making a great trade averaging €1.58 to €3.20/ kg the best a 390kg Char which made €1080 which is €690 with its weight. Heavy heifers made from €1.74 to €2.91/kg. One exceptional heifer at 520kg CHX for breeding made €1470.

Balla reported 110 cows on offer at the sale. It said one 2 year old 1st calf LMX due soon made E1500 and the best dry cow on show a 6 yr old 955kg CHX made €1700.


Mountbellew reported good numbers of cattle on offer at its sale last week, with increased demand for all types of stock on offer.

On the day heifers made from €350 – €600 with the weight. Bullocks were in good demand with prices ranging from €400 to €650 with the weight. Weanling heifers were in great demand with farmers and shippers very active. Prices from €400 – €600 with the weight. Bulls made from €350 – €550 with the weight.


In Ballinakill there was a smaller sale last week. It reported a similar trade to previous weeks with the small, fancy cattle selling well.

On the other hand it highlight the heavy, overage cattle are still very difficult to move.

Prices on the day included:
Heavy bullocks €1.85 to €2.30/kg.
Forward Stores €1.70 to €2.45/kg.
Light Stores €1.75 to €2.55/kg.
Beef Heifers €1.85 to €2.25/kg.
Store Heifers €1.70 to €2.15/kg.
Weanling Bulls €1.80 to €2.20/kg.
Weanling Heifers €1.70 to €2.05/kg.
Dry Cows €1.20 to €1.85/kg.

Image: Store cattle penned in mart. Photo O’Gorman Photography.