A siphoning pump and drums were found after a car was stopped and searched by members of An Garda Síochána in Co. Sligo earlier this week.

According to local Gardaí it is believed that the apprehension of the car and its occupants prevented a “crime that was about to take place.

The car in question was stopped by Gardaí in the “Yeats County” in the early hours of Monday morning (June 7).

In a statement, Gardaí based in Sligo said: “A vehicle was stopped by Sligo Gardaí on patrol in the early hours of Monday night and the males on board were apprehended. The vehicle was seized for road traffic offences”.

As a result of a search of this vehicle a siphoning pump and drums were located. The Gardaí are of the opinion that stopping this vehicle and its occupants resulted in the prevention of a crime that was about to take place.

Noting that the matter is still being investigated, the Garda post highlighted that the incident is a “timely reminder to business owners, especially hauliers, to secure their property as best they can”.

“Also, if you notice suspicious activities, please report it,” the Sligo Gardaí concluded.

With many farmers having fuel bowsers and diesel tanks in their farmyards, farms are often prime targets for fuel siphoning; some security advice to prevent farm theft can be found on the Garda Síochána website here.