Silage prices: Steady prices with demand slowly increasing

Silage is of huge importance to farmers at this time of year. As the weather shows no sign of improvement, the likelihood is that farmers’ demand for silage will grow as livestock remain housed.

For those who produced excess silage during the summer months, there appears to be a slight increase in demand for baled silage across the country. Farmers who earmarked a proportion of their bales for sale will be enthused to see that demand is starting to rise.

In particular, counties across Leinster and Munster seem to be the main sources for round baled silage that is coming onto the market.

This week AgriLand undertook a quick round-up of silage prices – gleaned from advertisements across the country – to give readers an idea of current values.

Starting off in Leinster, €20/bale seems to be the prevalent price in the more southerly counties of Laois, Kilkenny and Carlow, with delivery quoted at €5/bale extra.

In Co. Offaly, silage has reportedly been making €25/bale in some areas.

Moving over to Munster, the price of a round bale of silage seems to be more consistent, with €20/bale being quoted – almost as a standard – in counties Cork and Limerick. In most cases, delivery is offered for an extra €2-5/bale, depending on distance.

The trend of €20/bale continues up into Connacht also, with prices in Co. Galway being reported to be on par with Munster.

Interestingly, some of the prices in more northerly counties of Leinster and even up into Ulster appear to be lower than the rest of the country. In some instances, prices were quoted in counties Louth and Westmeath at €17-18/bale, while in Co. Monaghan some round bales were making just €17/bale.