Irish agri-food exports to China for the first six months of this year have increased by 25 per cent, from €162 to €203m with Irish dairy exports showing a substantial increase from €95m to €126m, an increase of 33 per cent in this period.

This is according to latest figures from the Department of Agriculture published last week. The breakdown figures are as follows:

  • Dairy products increased from €103m in 2010 to €182m in 2012, an increase of 77 per cent. 
  • Pigmeat exports increased from €8m in 2010 to €44m in 2012, and increase of 450 per cent
  • Seafood exports have also grown from €5.7m in 2010 to €10m in 2012, a 75 per cent increase. 
  • Exports of hides and skins are valued at €40m in 2012.

Since the signing of the renewed agreement with China and the Irish Government in April 2012, there has been a significant increase in the number of political and trade related visits from China to Ireland.

The Agriculture Department hosted seven inward delegations from China in 2012, including three vice-ministerial visits, one inspection visit and visits by senior Chinese officials, including a joint study visit by EU and Chinese officials, as part of their co-operation agreement. Two further Chinese vice-ministers visited Ireland in May and June of this year.

In addition, both the Marine Institute and Teagasc have also linked in with their counterparts in China, focused on developing research between both countries.

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