Strengthening factory prices have held a firm base under the country’s sheep trade. At present factory and butcher lambs are still making €1.90-2.08/kg while the demand for store lambs is ever present with lots freely making €2/kg.

Kenmare Mart had 3,000 sheep on offer on Monday and according to the Mart Manager Dan McCarthy there was a good trade especially for mountain type store lambs.

These lots made €1.50-1.75/kg, while the better quality Suffolk Scotch cross lambs sold for €2.05-2.30/kg, the better quality lowland lots made €2.35-2.40/kg.

McCarthy said the demand for these lots is stemming from midlands buyers who aim to buy a 28-30kg lamb for under €70/head.

Butcher and factory lambs in the Kerry venue generally made €2.00/kg. He added that there was exceptional demand for cast ewes and these lots made €1.00-1.05/kg.

There was also a small selection of Scotch hogget ewes on offer and these sold from €105-120/head.

New Ross Mart had 1,800 sheep on sale on Saturday. According to the Mart Manager Richard Kirwan trade remained good in the southeast venue.

Butcher and factory lambs remained in demand, he said. These lots sold for €100-115/head and €91-100/head respectively.

Store lambs meet with a lively trade and the hammer fell on the lots for €72-90 or €40-49 over.

There was also a selection of ewe lambs on offer and these made €90-130, while brood ewes sold from €135-185/head, he said.

There was also plenty of buyers for cast ewes with the heavy type ewes making €97-126/head while the lighter feeder type lots made €62-92/head.

Dowra Mart had a special sale of hogget ewes on Friday with an entry of 1,500 sheep. According to Mart Manager Terry McGovern the large entry failed to dampen the trade with a clearance of 98%.

The top lot fetched €200, the better quality lots made €180-200/head, lighter types sold for €150-180, while mountain types sold for €130-150, he said.

The Cavan venue also had 2,500 lambs on offer on Saturday and there was strong demand for ewe lambs. The best of these lots made €110-134.

Store lambs were a similar trade to last week and sold from €70-85 while the factory lambs sold to a tops of €102/head, he said.

McGovern added that fat ewes remained in demand, the best of the lots made €110/head, lighter mountain types sold for €40-65/head while the better quality feeder type ewes made €65-85.

Raphoe Mart also had a good sale on Monday. According to Mart Manager Anne Harkin factory and butcher type lambs made €40-50 and €42-60 over respectively.

Fat ewes at the Donegal venue sold for €75-123/head while the selection of breeding hoggets sold made €110-186, she said.

There was a bigger sale in Kilkenny Mart on Monday with 1,260 sheep passing through the ring.

According to the Auctioneer George Candler the trade remained similar to last week. There was no ease in the price of store lambs as these lots made up to €2.47/kg, but generally the hammer fell on these lots for €1.81-2.47/kg.

Butcher and factory lots sold for €2.00-2.08/kg and €1.95-2.05/kg respectively with 45kg lambs making €92/head.

Cast ewes in the Kilkenny venue made €40-126/head while breeding hoggets sold up to €200/head (€140-200), reported Candler.

There was also a selection of rams on offer and these ranged in price from €350-730. Charollais rams made €400-650, Suffolk rams sold for €350-640, the hammer fell on the Texel rams at €420-730 while the Belclare rams found new homes at €380-440.

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