Trade showed some signs of improvement at Tullow Mart in Co. Carlow, with heavy hoggets up €4-5/head at the sale on Tuesday, February 21.

There was a brisk trade reported for factory or butcher hoggets, with lots selling for €108-115/head. One lot weighing 48kg sold for €115/head and a lot weighing 56kg made €108/head.

Store lambs over 40kg sold for €92-100, with one lot weighing 43kg selling for €100/head. Store lambs under 40kg sold from €78/head.

There was a continued lively demand for cast ewes at Tullow Mart. Heavier type cast ewes sold for up to €121/head.

Feeding types weighing between 60-80kg sold for between €10-18 along with their weight. One lot weighing 78kg made €97/head.

Prices of €140-190 were received for in-lamb ewes, ewes with single lambs at foot sold for €140-185, while ewes with twin lambs at foot sold for up to €225/unit.

Tuam Mart

A steady trade for hoggets was reported in Tuam Mart in Co. Galway on Tuesday, February 21.

Hoggets were sold for €50-57 along with their weight, with heavier hoggets making up to €112/head.

Cast ewes made €100-130/head at the sale in Tuam Mart, while ewes with lambs at foot sold for €140-196/unit.

Sample hogget prices:
  • 55kg – €112 or €2.03c/kg.
  • 60kg – €112 or €1.86c/kg.
  • 55Kg – €108 or €1.95c/kg.

Fermoy Mart

A steady trade, with slight improvements, was reported in Fermoy Mart at the sale on Monday, February 20, with a total of 350 sheep on offer.

Butcher hoggets sold for €100-111/head, or for €52-57 along with their weight.

With regards to factory and store hoggets, prices of €74-102/head were received at the sale or €37-56 on top of their weight.

Sample hogget prices:
  • 56kg – €111 or €1.98/kg.
  • 52kg – €109 or €2.09/kg.
  • 48kg – €103 or €2.14/kg.
  • 46kg – €102 or €2.21/kg.
  • 42kg – €88 or €2.09/kg.
  • 38kg – €83 or €2.18/kg.

Cast ewes sold for €26-110/head, while this week saw the first of the ewes with lambs at foot coming to the sale in Fermoy Mart.

Prices for ewes with lambs at foot varied at €137-200/unit, with five ewes and eight lambs making €180/unit.