It’s been a positive week of trading at marts, with a relatively good demand being seen across the board – especially in the case of heavy and factory-type lambs.

Starting with the trade for heavier lambs, prices of €130-140/head have been seen in general over the past week.

Factory lambs have been met with an improved trade this week, in light of factory prices increasing.

From talking to mart managers, the general run of prices for those factory-type lambs have been ranging from €114-115/head up to €123-125/head in the main, with lambs shy of the 50kg mark that are also interesting agents selling for €125-130/head.

Forward stores have been moving at prices ranging from €96/head up to €110-112/head in general.

The trade for cull ewes has cooled off significantly in recent weeks. Heavy ewes have been selling from €125/head up to €140-155/head this past week generally, with isolated cases of heavy 100kg plus ewes hitting over €170/head.

Ewe lambs remain in strong demand with prices once again generally ranging from €105/head up to €155-160/head.

Plainer quality hoggets remain a tough trade at marts, with the general run of prices for hoggets ranging from €170/head up to €200/head. Top-quality lots have been rising to €220-230/head.

Roscommon Mart

Roscommon Mart’s Maura Quigley reported a larger entry of sheep at Wednesday’s sale (September 22) with an improved trade also seen across the board.

Maura noted a good selection of ewe lambs which were met with strong farmer interest and sold up to a high of €156/head for 55.3kg.

Heavy lambs sold up to €138/head with many of those butcher-type lambs selling from €130/head up to €138/head.

Factory lambs sold to a high of €125-128/head in general. A good store lamb trade was also seen, with forward stores selling up to €115/head for lambs weighing nearly 41kg.

The majority of those forward store lambs traded from €100/head up to €110/head.

Sample butcher and factory lamb prices:

  • 51kg sold for €138/head;
  • 54.5kg sold for €135/head;
  • 51.5kg sold for €136/head;
  • 48.2kg sold for €130/head;
  • 47.5kg sold for €132/head;
  • 44kg sold for €125/head.

Sample store lamb prices:

  • 40.8kg sold for €115/head;
  • 41.8kg sold for €110/head;
  • 40.3kg sold for €104/head;
  • 38kg sold for €102/head;
  • 38.3kg sold for €100/head.