More than 1,000 septic tank inspections are set to take place within this week.

Environment Minister Phil Hogan outlined a national inspection plan for domestic wastewater treatment systems in the Dail on Tuesday. The plan requires a minimum of 1,000 septic tanks and other onsite treatment systems inspections over 12 months, beginning this month.

This was in response to Deputy Nicky McFadden, who had enquired the period of time it would take to inspect all of the approximately 12,000 septic tanks in
County Westmeath.

According to Department of the Environment: “The plan has been drawn up to best international standards and will underpin the risk-based inspection of septic tanks
and other onsite treatment systems. It also has regard to the European Parliament and Council’s recommendations regarding the minimum criteria for environmental inspections in the member states.”

While the department wouldn’t specify how the investigations will be allocated, the numbers of inspections for each county are included in the plan.

More information on this debate is available here.

Pictured Environment Minister Phil Hogan