Seed oilseed rape contracts could add to your rotation

Seedtech is offering spring oilseed rape seed contracts for the 2019 season. According to Seedtech, growers can expect to make twice the margin of oilseed rape grown for the commodity market.

The contracts comprise of:
  • A fixed oilseed payment of €450/t at 9% moisture content;
  • A land payment of €202/ac;
  • And a final seed bonus of €500/t (once seed is certified).

Yields of 0.6t/ac can result in an output of €772/ac to the grower, according to the company. The cost of growing the crop is estimated at approximately €450/ac – this includes material and machinery costs.

Criteria to grow the crop:
  • Land should not have grown oilseed rape previously;
  • The seed crop should be a minimum isolation distance of 1km or greater from all winter and spring oilseed rape crops;
  • Ideally free of volunteer rape, charlock, wild mustard, wild turnip and wild radish;
  • Ideally low levels of wild oats, but can be well controlled in crops with graminicides;
  • Land should not have grown potatoes, beet or root crops for five years previous to seed rape;
  • Minimum field size of 20ac required;
  • Conscientious growers and an attention to detail is important;
  • No experience growing oilseed rape is necessary.

Any grower interested in finding out more about spring oilseed rape contracts should contact Seedtech.