Seed treatments form an important part of agronomy and plant health programmes; fighting disease from the time a crop is planted.

Keeping disease at bay from day one allows plants to improve establishment, rooting and foliage weights on cereal crops.

Diseases like loose smut are commonly associated with control through seed dressings, but dressings offer protection of a range of diseases and can get the plant off to a good start.

Good establishment and improved rooting can lead to a healthy plant which can access nutrients. This in turn can help to increase tillering and ear numbers which eventually impacts on yield.

Keeping stress at bay from the plant is an essential part of disease control. Now that chlorothalonil is no longer in the toolbox, diseases like Ramularia, which is triggered by stress, need more and more attention.

As farmers continue to implement integrated pest management strategies on farm, prevention of disease and fast establishment will play a key role. These later sowing dates require fast establishment and seed dressings can help with this, but they are just one part of the plan.

Soil health, nutrient availability, variety choice and seed bed conditions all need to be considered carefully before planting.

Vibrance is one relatively new seed dressing to the market and contains the active ingredient Sedaxane. The main message coming on this dressing is its claim on boosting root development, leading to quicker establishment which can result in healthier plants and, as a result, increased yields.