The farm investment element of the RDP is highly anticipated by farmers particularly young farmers.

The allocation for the new Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS) II has been increased significantly to €395m.

TAMS II offers grant aid of 40% for certain on-farm capital investments (60% to ‘Young Farmers’).

Farmers considering entering TAMS II need to make an investment of at least €2,000 to be eligible for grant aid under this scheme.

According to the Department of Agriculture, grant aid will only be paid on approved, completed and eligible expenditure.

There is an array of sheep handling equipment farmers that is eligible for grant aid:

Mobile Sheep handling Equipment

  • Portable Sheep Handling Race with wheels (including footbath)
  • Portable basic sheep handling race
  • Sheep Weighing scales
  • Sheep Rollover crate
  • Mobile Sheep “batch” footbath
  • Sheep adoption unit front
  • Sheep adoption unit front with penning
  • Mobile Sheep Penning max 75 linear metres (in combination with a Sheep Handling unit)

Fixed Sheep Handling Equipment

  • Sheep Weighing scales
  • Sheep Rollover crate
  • Fixed Sheep handling unit
  • Fixed sheep handling unit with dip tank

Applications for TAMS II must be made online as manual applications by post, fax and email will not be accepted.

Farmers considering applying for this scheme will require access to the Department’s online services prior to applying for any of the schemes available under TAMS II. Applications can be made on