Irish company Back2me has a range of tacking and location devices to help protect farm machinery and equipment.

Back2me’s range of GPS tracking and location devices for asset protection don’t require annual monitoring fees. The product has a built in motion sensors you can ‘arm’ your tracker with a text command then receive a warning text if someone even just disturbs whatever it is you wish to protect.

So on a motorcycle for instance, if it’s moved off the stand, you get a text. If it’s stolen and you forgot to arm it or didn’t get to it in time then you can track it down anyway.

Tracking technology has been around for some years, but the high cost of the units, and worse still an ongoing monitoring charge for each unit meant it was off-putting, especially for multiple items. With the Back2me system there are no monthly contracts or fees, just the cost of a text.

Exact location details and geographical positioning are provided by an SMS text with a Google Maps link that comes straight to your phone. To locate a tracker, just phone and it hangs up and then sends its location SMS back to you right away.

Back2Me stock a range of GPS trackers which are suitable for many purposes – protection of plant and machinery, cars, trailers, horse-boxes, motorcycles, etc.

Using just a phone you can locate what’s yours or be alerted by text if it moves outside a 200M radius (arm/disarm).

With the App its easy to create a ‘Geofenced’ area, for instance a farm, line up the red box around the area on the map and the App will send the command coordinates to the tracker – if your equipment such as a quad, tractor or a trailer move outside the red box, you get a message right away and you can then locate it.

Basic Operation

With one of its trackers all you need do is fit a Sim card and switch it on. To find its location, just call the number and it will hang up after a few rings. A few moments later the tracker will text you its location coordinates and also a Google Maps link.

If you have a smart phone, just touch the link and there’s where the tracker is. If you don’t use smart phone you can either look that coordinate up on a computer, or easier still, just forward the text to someone who has.

The tracking devices start from €240 for a vehicle tracking device.