Machinery manufacturer Same Deutz Fahr (SDF) has announced that it will not be attending international fairs in 2021, including EIMA and Agritechnica.

The company has made the decision due to the pandemic situation in Europe.

A statement from SDF said: “The events of the last year are deeply influencing the work and social life of each of us. Protecting people’s health and safety is, now more than ever, of crucial importance.

This is the main reason leading SDF to declare that it will not participate in the EIMA and Agritechnica in 2021.

“This decision was taken after a deep analysis of the pandemic situation in Europe. Despite the control measures and the vaccination campaign worldwide, the future scenario is very uncertain. SDF has prioritised the safety of its employees, dealers and customers from the beginning of the pandemic in 2020,” the company said.

Massimiliano Tripodi, SDF’s marketing and communications executive director, highlighted: “Safety has been our priority since the beginning and accordingly, we took the difficult decision to not participate in international fairs.

We are facing a new era in business relationships where new technologies give us opportunities to get in direct contact with customers overcoming physical distances.

SDF says it will continue to invest in digital and marketing communication “in order to showcase new products and services and to interact with its customers and all agricultural stakeholder throughout the year”.

The company said it is monitoring the evolution of the pandemic in each country.