Irish Co-Operative Society (ICOS) National Marts has arranged a visit to Ireland by the Scottish Bovine EID research team to demonstrate its research findings on the practical applications of Bovine EID.

According to ICOS, this will be an excellent opportunity for farmers to get an overview of EID systems and their use at three special open days in Wexford, Cork and Roscommon marts this month.

“Bovine EID can provide competitive advantages for Irish farmers and these will be outlined at the meetings.  The use of EID (electronic identification system) is currently mandatory across Europe for sheep or goats, and it is optional for bovines (beef or dairy).”

The demonstrations have been co-sponsored by ICOS, The Irish Farmers Journal, ABP, Kepak, Dunbia and the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation.  There will be three practical demonstrations of Bovine EID and its applications at mart and farm level at the following locations:

  • Wexford Farmers Co Op, Enniscorthy mart, Co Wexford  on this Monday 16 September at 6pm
  • Cork Marts, Corrin, Fermoy on Wednesday 18 September at 6pm
  • Roscommon mart on Friday 20 September at 2pm

All demonstrations will last approximately one hour and are designed to provide a complete overview to farmers of the potential benefits of EID.

ICOS National Marts Executive Ray Doyle explained: “There will be a full working demonstration of Bovine EID and this will provide a valuable insight as to how it could be beneficial to the marts sector. Electronic tag readers will be on display reading single tags and multiple tags with both the race and stick types of reader in use.  This will include electronic writing of production information on tags and programming tags from passports.  Farmers will also be able to see the associated computer and printout facilities that electronic identification systems for cattle can provide.”

ICOS National Marts Committee Chairman, Michael Spellman said: “These Bovine EID demonstrations provide a welcome opportunity for farmers to see these systems, to meet experts in the field and to meet and share their views with neighbouring farmers on this important subject.  Bovine  EID provides an opportunity for the Irish beef sector to further differentiate its high quality offer to consumers on an international stage.  Marts, assembly centres and abattoirs  would also benefit from the efficiencies offered.  EID also has the potential to reduce red tape and it would be a good example of Ireland using best available technology and leading the way on this issue. This will boost the competitiveness and appeal of Irish exports and enhance the prospects of better prices from the market.”

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