Russia rows back on some of its food ban

Russia has rowed back on some of its food ban, which saw millions of euro worth of EU food produce banned from entering the country.

In a document released today, Russian officials said that the move came in an effort to ‘respond to changes in the situation of food markets and the higher executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation to ensure a balance of commodity markets and to prevent the acceleration of growth in prices of agricultural products, raw materials and foodstuffs’.

From today, s0me milk and dairy products (lactose free) and some vegetables, edible roots and tubers (seed potatoes, onion sets, sweet corn for sowing and peas for sowing) have all been removed from the ‘banned list’.

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation announced the measures saying that they would prevent a rise in food prices of certain goods.

The Russian food ban was introduced on August 7 and affected billions worth of foodstuffs from Europe, the US, Canada and Australia. Ireland, according to Bord Bia figures, exported in the region of €235 million to Russia last year but the value of products affected by the ban is in the region of €130 million.