Pig processors Rosderra and Kepak are being called on to meet prices that other players in the market are paying for pigs.

The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) has said that there is currently a price differential between the north and south of the country of some 8c/kg.

“This is totally unacceptable given that the trend in the majority of EU markets and in the UK is steadily upwards,” commented Roy Gallie, the association’s Pigs Committee chairperson.

“It’s extremely important, not only for the pig farmer, but also for the trade to move upwards. The momentum has to be maintained when it is justified.”

Gallie said that processors in the south of the country had already been ahead of Rosderra and Kepak before the margin widened further this week.

“Suppliers to both Dawn Pork & Bacon and Staunton’s, both pig factories based in the southern half of the country – and who were already 4c/kg ahead of their northern counterparts – received a further 4c/kg increase this week,” he said.

The IFA pig chairperson added: “This was justified and is badly needed to cover sharply increasing feed costs.”

According to Gallie, Rosderra and Kepak did not increase their quoted prices, resulting in a discrepancy of some €7 per pig.

“They have to align themselves with the rest of the country and raise the pig price by a minimum of 8 cent/kg,” he concluded.