Romanian manufacturer to unveil no-nonsense, ‘own-design’ tractor

Romanian manufacturer Irum is about to launch a new agricultural tractor – namely the Tagro 95 (pictured above).

The intention is to sell it not only in Romania but in other European countries too. It’s described as an “entry-level, mechanical” tractor.

The tractor is home to a four-cylinder, common-rail FPT engine (from the CNH Industrial family). It is turbocharged and intercooled. Rated output, as the model designation suggests, is 95hp.

The gearbox is a simple 12F 12R affair, with a ‘mechanical’ forward/reverse shuttle. Standard tyre sizes are 460/85 R34 at the rear and 360/85 R24 up front. The tractor, with no additional ballast on board, weighs 3.8t.

The company is also in the process of launching a less powerful Tagro 86 and a slightly more potent Tagro 102.

While the Tagro 95 is new, Irum – as a manufacturer – is not new to the tractor business. It already sells purpose-designed forestry tractors and associated vehicles.

Interestingly, it also sells tractors accruing from a collaboration with Belarus. The Tag 1025.3 (pictured below), for example, is a Belarus-designed model that is assembled by Irum for the Romanian market.

This photograph (below), which shows the cab interior, should leave you in no doubt; this tractor has a decidedly utilitarian look and feel about it. Note even the offset (right-of-centre seat – from the driver’s perspective).

Irum also assembles a model known as the Tag 952.3 – again a Belarus-designed tractor. It’s worth noting that this licensing/assembly deal (with Belarus) has been in place for some time.

Founded in 1953, Irum initially operated as a state-owned and state-run entity. It morphed into a privately-owned company in 1999 – mainly supplying specialist equipment into the forestry industry.

Agricultural machinery was added to the product portfolio in 2010, thanks to the aforementioned deal with Belarus.

The company now has over 500 employees. Its factory in Reghin (Romania) extends over 175,000m².