Risk of short-term lay-off for 20 ABP staff due to uncertainty

A number of employees in an Irish ABP plant could have their jobs under risk of a “short-term lay-off” due to market conditions, according to the firm.

Confirming the news to AgriLand, a spokesperson for ABP said:

“Due to market conditions and uncertainty there may be a risk that ABP Waterford will be unable to continue to provide work for all of its employees and may need to put approximately 20 staff on short-term lay-off.

The management team is carefully reviewing the situation and will look at taking all available steps to try and avoid lay-offs, where possible.

“These include restrictions on recruitment, looking at alternative positions within other company sites in Ireland, re-training, short-term working and restricting overtime,” the company representative said.

ABP and DKIT announce talent partnership

In other ABP news, Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) and ABP Food Group have agreed a new partnership that will see the development of a DkIT ‘talent upskilling pathway’ in science, engineering and business.

The agreement will run for three years and will focus on collaboration between the institute and ABP through academic programme development.

Joint research initiatives and co-operative marketing and sponsorship opportunities will also feature as part of the new agreement.

The partnership will explore the possibility of establishing a dedicated meat industry research and development facility at DkIT, according to the institute.