‘Rev It Up’ challenge: Can you ‘keep her lit’ for a cracking cause?

In lieu of a tractor run to get engines roaring this year, one vintage club is organising a different method to showcase some classics, have fun and keep socially distanced – all while raising funds for a very worthy cause.

Based in the sunny southeast, Bree Vintage Club in Co. Wexford is in the midst of its ‘Rev It Up’ challenge – throwing down the gauntlet to tractor and machinery enthusiasts across the country and beyond to “put the pedal to the metal” this autumn in aid of the Irish Kidney Association.

The ‘Rev It Up’ challenge is the brainchild of Bree Vintage Club chairman Willie Whelan.

“We’d normally have a tractor run every year; in the past we’ve raised over €10,000 worth of funds,” Willie explained to AgriLand.

“We’d choose a different charity to support every year. This year, obviously, we couldn’t do a tractor run as we didn’t know what way things would pan out [with Covid-19].

“A couple of us came up with the idea of the ‘Rev It Up’ challenge for the Irish Kidney Association.”

At the start of this year, back in January, Willie had a kidney transplant. He received a call from Beaumont Hospital to say that a matching kidney had been found for him.

While in the middle of completing a new shed, installation of a robot and cows starting to calve, he set off for Dublin. After receiving his new kidney he returned home to oversee the completion of work on the farm with the help of his family.

To return some of the support given to him by the Irish Kidney Association during his time in Dublin, he decided, as it was not possible to hold a tractor run due to Covid-19, that the club could do a ‘Rev It Up’ challenge.

This, he outlined, involves the simple task of recording a vehicle or machine revving up and posting the video to Bree Vintage Club Facebook page.

Then, one donates to the club’s GoFundMe page – titled “Rev It Up for the Irish Kidney Association” to complete the challenge.

You can nominate up to three friends in your video to keep the ball rolling, if so inclined, using the #Revitup slogan.

“We’ve had a good run on it so far, up about €2,100 raised – we’ve a target of about €3,000 to meet so hopefully we’ll get there,” Willie added.

“We haven’t set a deadline; we’d like to get it finished out before Christmas anyway.”

People don’t need tractors to take part either – anything you can rev will do the job. “We’ve seen some funny ones come through – people with hairdryers, people with mixers, car engines, we’ve seen a motorbike revving up. Anything that can make noise would suit the purpose,” the chairman said.

Further details about the challenge, the club and the charity can be found on the Bree Vintage Club Facebook page here.